Canadian Wheat Flour soy milk & carrots pancake

One of my favorites is this very healthy pancake made from delicious Canadian wheat. I add carrots and soy milk and often make these pancakes on weekend mornings. Topping with seasonal fruit and plenty of maple syrup will enhance the taste of Canadian wheat and furthermore provide for an enriched breakfirst filled with vitamins and minerals. Preparing pancakes with high gluten flour may sound strange, yet I like the texture you get out of it and therefore one of my favorites.

It’s easy to make.

Mix the sugar with the egg and stir until the sugar is well melted(dissolved) . Mix in the grated carrot and the soymilk before adding the Canadian wheat flour.
Grill both sides on an ungreased Teflon-coated pan until golden brown. If you use an iron pan, you need to grease with butter. Using ungreased Teflon-coated pans will give you pancakes with smooth surfaces and is my secret of cooking pancakes.

Pour the batter onto the preheated pan, cook over medium heat, the pancakes will start to bubble and when the bubbles are even throughout the pancake carefully flip them over.
Adding cinnamon to the batter is also a tasty alternative amongst many.
Enjoying the pancakes with seasonal fruit and plenty oc maple syrup with a cup of milk tea is also a recommodation.

Please try out for yourselves the upcoming weekend

Photography by Urbanocean

100g Canadian wheat flour
1 Egg
50g Grated carrot including the rind
2 tablespoon White sugar
1 teaspoon Baking powder
100cc Soy milk (Quality Governed)

Saesonal fruit for topping
Maple syrup for topping

Canadian Lemon Cookie

In  this  recipe I wished for you to experience the great taste of Canadian
wheat   flour,  so  I  have  considerably  reduced  the  amount  of  sugar.
Furthermore  the  Canadian  wheat  flour  is  held  as the main ingredient,
therefore the ingredients and recipe is kept simpler than other traditional
cookie recipes.

With  the lemon accentuating the flavour of the wheat flour and the reduced
amount  of  sugar,  you  can directly enjoy the taste of the Canadian wheat
flour.  When  baking cookies it is common to use pastry flour (薄力粉), yet
baking  with  high gluten flour/strong flour (強力粉) it gives the cookie a
crispy finish and a whole new dimension of taste.

Have  the  butter  prepared at room temperature in a bowl and beat, ideally
with an electric whisk, until creamy. Add the sugar and beat well.
Beat  in  the  lemon,  then  add the Canadian made wheat flour and mix very
lightly with a wooden spoon until you have smooth dough.

Dust your hands with flour (not from the ingredients list) plastic wrapping
the dough and placing it in the refrigerator for an hour.
Transfer  your  dough to a lightly floured surface and roll it out until it
is an even 7mm thick all over. Cut out in any desired shape

Butter  a  baking tray or use grease paper. Line up your dough and bake for
approximately 15 minutes in preheated oven at 180℃.
The  baking  time of 15 minutes, will differ from oven to oven depending on
size,  maker  etc.  so  please leave room to adjust with your oven at home.
Instead  of  cutting  out  in  shapes,  you  could  role  the dough up as a
sushi-maki  before placing in the refrigerator, and cut out in round slices
before baking.

I  prefer  my  cookies  in  the  morning (as a breakfast substitution) with
season fruits and a rich café latte.

150g Canadian wheat flour
100g Unsalted butter
 40g Sugar
2 tbsp Squeeze of lemon/ juice of lemon