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Canadian Wheat J Noritsugu
As known, Canada is a very vast country. The nature and surroundings are beautiful and magnificent. In so splendid settings, the Canadian wheat is grown with great affection from the farmers. Because of the Canadian winter is so cold, insect damages seldom occur. Therefore compared to other countries, the usage of pesticides is overwhelming low, which provides for a favourable merit. Furthermore with the rigorous inspection process, Canadian wheat has obtained a high assessment of quality and safeness within the industry.

The fine quality of Canadian wheat has its roots from the magnificent Canadian nature and the great affection from the farmers. The Canadian wheat flour is highly known for its quantity and quality of protein. The nutritional value called for in wheat flour, the savour and context, elasticity and delicious flavour is all in a marvellous quality condition.
It is understandable why the Canadian wheat is reviewed, entrusted and classed as the top class from bread, pasta and noodle producing businesses.

Canadian wheat is made from specific breed improvement that meets the desires of the market, added with the thoroughly quality and production control makes it the preferred wheat of bread and flour industries world wide. And for us, the consumers, Canadian wheat flours now available at the general stores.

The pictures introduced here are of products all consisting of Canadian wheat. A broad variety of products are introduced, so perhaps by looking at the package you might realize or rediscover that some certain products were made from Canadian wheat. Canadian wheat is an essential in my kitchen.

It is inevitable for people who bake bread, but people who make desserts and sweets or noodles will experience a completely different result when using Canadian wheat. The simpler the ingredients in a recipe are (e.g. a recipe consisting of nothing more than flour, water and some salt) the more crucial it becomes how good quality the wheat is. Even in the pasta used for cooking you will experience a difference and be able to enjoy a flavourand context preferred by the Japanese, when using pasta made out of 100% Canadian durum wheat. At the same time delicious, Canadian wheat is also superior in terms of safeness. I wish for you to discover a standard and favourite item amongst these products.
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